Why Students Should Go on Field Trips Out of State

take students on fieldtrips

Going on field trips out of state is a great way to connect with other students and expose them to a whole new world.

I remember looking forward to 4th grade when I was a kid. Why? As class, we got the chance to go to Boston (if we raised enough money through the sale of chocolate bars).

In Boston, we’d see the Boston Science Museum (where we slept overnight – which was awesome), the Tea Party ship, and the Boston Aquarium. Not to mention the free time to explore the city and grab great food.

Travelling out of state was a totally different experience. And that’s why today’s post is about why you need to take your student on out of state field trips. Read on!

1. Many students have simply never been out of state

I still have friends (who are in their mid-20’s) who have never left Vermont. Ever. Going out of state allows students who may never get the chance to go on “vacation” the opportunity to see what life is like outside their tiny state (well, Vermont is tiny!).

2. Exposure to different cultures

I was fortunate enough to go to Boston, New York, and even Ottawa in Canada. All of these trips showed me how other people live, what it’s like to experience a big city (small-town Vermont kid here), and meet people who have amazing stories of survival, betrayal, and happiness who were guest speakers on my trips.

3. Gets your students out of the classroom

Your students can only stare at a whiteboard for so long! That’s why so many teachers are flipping their classroom to shake up the learning environment. Going out of state helps, too. There are opportunities on the bus to teach lessons about what you may be passing. Plus, you can impact a student by showing them what they need to learn. Some students simply learn better in a different environment.

4. Students learn more about their peers

When I traveled anywhere with my classmates, I learned a ton about them because we finally had a chance to talk about something non-academic. And I got placed in a group with students I wouldn’t normally have hung out with in school. This forced me to learn about other people – their backgrounds, stories, and lives. Match up students with a group they may not be friends with and see what happens.

5. It’s fun (this one is obvious!)

Students look forward  to any trip outside of school. It’s a chance for them to leave their desk, get their hands dirty, and learn something about the real world – plus, it’s fun. Keep in mind your students may never again get the chance to see farm animals, travel to the big city, talk to a real scientist, or shadow someone who has their dream job. Fieldtrips are a great way to inspire your students to see beyond the classroom.

So there you have it – my plea for more out-of-state fieldtrips. What’s your take? Have you taken your students out-of-state? Let me know about it in the comments below.