Whoa! New Features: Bulk Upload & Your Super-Awesome Teacher Code

You guys have given us TONS of awesome feedback on QuizBean. Over the past few weeks, we sorted through it and got to work on your most-requested features. Drum roll please……

You get access to your own teacher code AND bulk uploading.

Note: The code in the picture is not your teacher code. That’s my co-worker’s. He’s not shy about sharing.

Why you’ll LOVE teacher codes:

1. Your students sign up which saves you hours of manual entry
They sign-up on their own page and enter your teacher code. Students are automatically added to your classroom. It’s like waiving a magic wand. Kind of.

QuizBean Student Signup

2. You get instant results – even with the code!
Just because your students signed up without you doesn’t mean you won’t see their results. Once they finish your assigned quiz, their scores are instantly sent to your dashboard. Now, that’s actually magic 🙂

Discover your teacher code and upload all your students right here.

And if you don’t want your students to do anything, you can upload them using our bulk upload tool.

Manual data entry is no one’s friend. That’s why we’ve made it significantly easier for you to upload all of your students in just a few clicks using our bulk upload tool.

Bulk upload takes your CSV file and instantly adds your students to QuizBean. Again, it’s like magic. Here’s a quick look-see:

QuizBean Bulk Upload for Students

Want to take advantage of bulk upload? Login to your account or sign up for QuizBean.


Enjoy the new features and let us know if you have feedback or suggestions to make QuizBean way cooler. Thanks!

The team at QuizBean