The Best Funny (and Inspirational) Teacher Videos of 2013

The holiday break has started for many of you. With much of higher-ed closing down the dorms and heading home, you should be all cozy and comfortable on the couch by now. It’s time to relax, sip your cocoa, and put on fuzzy slippers.

That’s also why we’re making this week’s blog post a little light-hearted. We know you can’t get completely away from your classroom over break, so rather than write about how you can engage your students or games you can play at recess, I thought I’d list a couple teacher videos I found funny this year (and a few inspirational ones, too). Here’s a look:

1. Said no teacher ever

2. Make Science fun (not funny, but entertaining)

3. An Elementary School Teacher tries his hand at stand-up comedy (at least some of it’s funny!)

4. KidSnippets (Art Class)

5. Hip Hop Algebra Teacher (More Stand-up from a former teacher)

6. Sometimes Children Inspire Teachers

7. Every Kid Needs a Champion

8. The Lollipop Story (not 2013, but I just watched it and I love it)

9. “Don’t Stop Good Teaching”

10. (MY FAVORITE) Kid President’s Message to Teachers and Students

Do you have any videos to share with us? Let us know in the comments below. Plus. since it is two days away from Christmas, have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! See you in 2014, teacher-friends!