QuizPoo is now QuizBean (same easy quiz maker)

You don’t get many chances to rename your baby.

But, that’s just what we’ve done to QuizPoo. Starting today, QuizPoo is now QuizBean. But, don’t worry. The only thing changing is the logo. You still get the same great quiz maker you’ve come to know and love – unlimited questions, explanations, and pictures.

Obvious Question #1: Why the name change?

1. We’re no longer just a fun side project

In our first life, we’re a team of guys and gals who build beautiful custom websites for amazing Vermont companies. But, there was a desire to build something fun and flexible. And QuizPoo met the bill. We launched the early version at TechJam in Vermont (a technology jobs fair, basically) to much fan fare. Now, it’s ballooned into something much bigger and people are spreading the word. We just want to make sure they’re spreading the right word.

2. Teachers and trainers don’t really like poo

As we worked to spread the word about QuizPoo, teachers and corporate trainers caught on. And the feedback was unanimous — the name needed to change before many teachers were going to use it in their classrooms. No way, they were taking quizzes about poo (and we don’t blame them). That’s what prompted the name brainstorm.

Obvious Question #2: How did you come up with QuizBean?

1. Weeks of brainstorming

We had all kinds of names spread out across, whiteboards, Basecamp docs, and Google docs. It seemed like every day, our team would throw in new name (QuizPoodle, QuizCopter, and QuizCrafter, just to name a few). After pushing off the decision for several weeks, we just had to make a decision. And we used the next tool to help us out.

2. Random domain name generators

These are just plain fun. You can enter in any word, pair it with a noun, adjective, or verb of various lengths, and out comes a list of available domain names. And yes, we did spend countless hours on chat across the company IMing funny (and available) domain names. Here’s one to try out if domain name generators are your thing.

Obvious Question #3: What does this mean for the future of QuizBean?

1. More features you requested

In a recent survey we sent out, you let us know what you’re looking for in QuizBean – student progress analytics and student management. Oh, and multiple choice. We’re totally on it. In the coming months, we’re building all those features into QuizBean. Get your cone-shaped party hats ready for the launch party.

2. Same great company & product

We’re not going anywhere. Same great team, same great features. Plus, there will always be a free account. Just like a fine scotch, QuizBean will only get better with time.

What do you think of QuizBean? Let us know in the comments below.