Meet the Team

This is who is behind the Quizbean project – coming soon!

  • luda

    I’m a special ed teacher. I have to use pictures to create a quiz for my students. Can I do it? Sound will be a +.

    • Michael Adams

      Hi Luda,

      Yep – you can definitely add pictures to your quiz questions! When you say sound, are you looking for sound for the animations in QuizPoo? Or, are you talking about video/audio uploads?

  • Is there a way to create students that doesn’t require an email address? This is always an issue with students under 13. Would you consider allowing the sharing of quizzes to happen by sharing a link only so students don’t have to be registered with an email address.

    • Michael Adams

      Hi Diane,

      Thanks for your comment – sorry for the late reply! We are currently working on a solution to send quizzes out without a student email address. Many teachers have asked for this and we should have a solution soon! I’ll keep you posted in our improvement newsletters.



  • Brooke

    I sent this resource out to teachers at my school to try. One World Language teacher replied:

    “This is a wonderful interface! The problem is when I took my quiz, it marked correct answers wrong because it was not consistent in recognizing accents! It showed my accents in the answer choices, but they got garbled in the next screen. Sad it won’t work for languages with accents yet. ”

    Do you have a way to make accents work?

    Here is the link to her quiz she had issues with:

    • Michael Adams

      Hi Brooke,

      We just pushed a fix live that allows for accents and characters in all text fields. You should be good to go. Please let me know if you have any questions!