5 ways to make a quiz your employees want to take

There are thousands of quizzes on the internet. Some are about Justin Bieber. Some are about what to name your baby. And unfortunately, some are about corporate training.

And those corporate training quizzes are just plain dry. Why?

Because no one looks forward to training.

It’s something everyone needs to go through. For several days, you read lengthy documents, view horribly filmed videos, and take assessments to make sure you’re absorbing as much of the dry material as possible.

So, how do you make it so your team looks forward to learning new skills?

With quizzes!

Quizzes are one of the best ways to test your team. They’re quick and easy. They don’t take a lot of time to put together. And you get an idea of where your training needs to be improved.

But, quizzes don’t solve everything. They can be dry and boring, too.

Seeing as we make a quiz application for fun, we thought letting you know about several ways to make your quiz more fun would be appropriate.

Read on corporate trainer, read on:

1. Use different question types

There’s a reason “variety is the spice of life” is such a popular saying. As humans, we crave variety. Doing the same repetitive task over and over again drives people nuts. And that’s why you should have different question types in your quiz. If every question is true/false, going through the quiz becomes pretty boring. But if you throw in multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank quizzes, you keep your team guessing. And in a good way.

2. Use questions that make them think

A lot of training quizzes have simple questions. Questions employees might call “easy” or “stupid”. The problem is, quizzes are meant to educate and assess – not get shoved aside. Make sure you have questions that make your team think. This means your employees will put time into studying (see strategy #3). Plus, it makes it harder to guess.

3. Allow study time

Being thrown right into a quiz is a tough situation – especially just after learning the materials. It’s hard to remember what you just learned. And if it requires a lot of reading, give your team member time to digest the information, process it, and push it to short-term (maybe even long-term) memory. The more times they read over the data, the more they’ll remember it. And that’s good for any employee – even if they don’t do well on the quiz.

4. Make it a team quiz

Not many employees work solo  on projects these days. Often times, they’re working with a team to accomplish a goal. To empower your employees to work together, let them take your quiz together. They’ll learn from each other and hopefully get into some critical thinking to arrive at the best answer.

5. Time Your Quiz

It’s no secret many people like to perform under pressure. And more work gets completed when the clock is ticking. Plus, it’s just another reason to time your quiz. Not only does it keep your team on their toes, but it makes for healthy competition. Who can finish the quiz faster? (Makes us think you need a leaderboard!)

Making your own quiz is one thing. Getting your team to take you seriously and take the quiz is another.

Quizzes are meant to be a quick and easy assessment of your team’s knowledge. And at QuizPoo, we try and make it fun and engaging (bright colors make you happier).

Give it a shot – Make your own quiz right now.