Introducing the QuizBean Manifesto (aka What we’re all about)

Quizbean is about Quizzes. Making them and taking them. We’re not a LMS. We’re not courseware. In fact, we’re not bloated at all. We’re a lean quiz-making machine. No lengthy help section needed. Making a quiz should be just as easy as taking one. We don’t want you to waste time figuring QuizBean out.

You should be able have a student list populated, classes created and your first quiz sent in under 15 minutes.

To do this, data entry should have zero friction. It should be easy as pie. Blueberry pie. We need keyboard shortcuts and smart defaults. Screens should load instantly from any device — even paper and pencil. Every subject, regardless of how funny-looking the characters are, should work with QuizBean. And grading? It should be instantaneous. It should not disrupt your routine.

And we need to help you through the process.

If you distribute physical quizzes, we need to help you make the transition to a digital platform easier – not harder. QuizBean should save you hours of hand-grading. It doesn’t have to be a tool forced on you by the guy who heads up IT for your district. You should want to use QuizBean.

Quizbean is oodles of fun.

QuizBean should be delightful at every turn. Creation of a quiz should be just as fun as taking a quiz.  Animation, drag-and-drop image upload, and easy data entry help you build a quiz your students want to take (hard to believe, right?).

Students should have fun taking a quiz.  A Quiz should be engaging and not repetitive. It should further their learning, develop knowledge, and help assess where your students could improve.

QuizBean is a tool for the the future of education. A tool that’s simple and effective. And most importantly, makes your job easier.

Take QuizBean for a test drive.