Introducing QuizBank: Made by Teachers Just Like You

With over 3,000 users, there are tons of quizzes on QuizBean. From neurons (which I failed miserably), to history, and geography – you guys have created a quiz about everything.

Until now, those quizzes have been kept in your own QuizBean account. They’ve been a secret from the thousands of other teachers who teach the same subject.

That’s why we adopted the motto we all learned in kindergarten: Sharing is Caring.

Introducing the QuizBank from QuizBean (and no, it’s not full of money)

…’s full of quizzes! Read on:

The QuizBank is rich with quizzes for any subject – math, history, Spanish, French, science, social studies, and plenty more. Here’s a pretty screenshot:

Ready-to-go quizzes made by teachers

Looking for a quiz to add to your arsenal? Try a quiz from the Quiz Bank. It includes quizzes made by teachers just like you.

Let’s do a quick walk-through of the quiz-bank:

1. Share & add your quizzes

Simply go to any of your quiz detail pages and select “Share in the QuizBank”. The link is highlighted in the picture below. Only add the quizzes you want to add. You can always remove them later!

Share your quiz in the QuizBean QuizBank

2. Search the bank to find the perfect quiz

Want to find a history quiz that’s for remembering what happened in 1742 (hmm…)? You can do that with QuizBean’s search feature. And if you find a science teacher in New Mexico who makes great biology quizzes, you’ll be able to find all of their quizzes in one place. Take that, Google!

3. Discover the number of downloads

If you’re sharing your quizzes in the QuizBank, don’t you want to know how many times your quiz has been downloaded? You can within your account dashboard. We’ll tell you how many times it’s been downloaded. Plus, if you might even make it on the most-shared quizzes page, too. That’s like the equivalent to adult gold stars.

How awesome can the QuizBank get?

That’s up to you!We’re always look for more QuizBean champions to add their quizzes to the QuizBank. To kick off the QuizBank, our team will be adding enough Common Core quizzes to sink a ship (Here’s 10 common core quizzes to get you started).

Want to add your quizzes to the QuizBank. Here’s the link to login. Or, if you’re a newbie, we highly suggest you sign up for QuizBean – that link is here. And it’s freeeeee. Like buy one get one free. Except you don’t have to buy one.

Have a good one! 🙂

The QuizBean team