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Recent Updates to QuizBean

We’re excited to announce that we’ve rolled out some substantial updates to QuizBean, including a new feature and some changes to the user navigation and dashboard. This post will cover what you need to know to keep quizzing without missing a beat.

A Feature for New Features

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 2.57.37 PM

QuizBean now boasts a feature request tool, allowing you to request new features that you’d like us to add to the app. You can navigate this tool by logging in and then clicking on the red light-bulb icon at the bottom left corner of your screen (check the screenshot below and you’ll see the button). You’ll be able to see all the requests that other users have added, upvote any of those requests, and, if you’ve got a brand-new idea that no one’s suggested yet, you can add it yourself by clicking the link below the table and providing a name and description for the feature.

To get the ball rolling, we’ve added all the requests we’ve received over the years via various channels. Make sure to review existing requests before adding your own. A much-voted-for request will stand out more than several similar requests with fewer votes.

Please note that this tool is intended for feature requests only. If you have issues with or questions about the app, you can submit them via the Intercom messaging tool, accessible via the chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

Improved User Experience

If you’ve logged into QuizBean recently, you’ve probably noticed that the app looks a bit different. We’ve simplified the navigation bar and redesigned the user dashboard.

Simplified Navigation

The navigation bar now only includes three primary links, to the pages our users most frequently hit: the My Quizzes, My Classes, and My Students pages.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE QUIZ BANK!?

But fear not, Quiz Bank enthusiasts! The Quiz Bank is alive and well, and you can access it via the Dashboard or via the My Quizzes page. On both pages, you can click the “Add a Quiz” button to access the Quiz Bank.

The Dashboard Gets a Facelift

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.35.06 AM

As part of this update, the Dashboard was reimagined. Previously, this page was geared toward new users, and we tried to add to it in ways that enhance the experience of active users. You can still perform all the actions that the old Dashboard featured, but the buttons have been shrunk and moved to the top right corner.

In place of the old buttons, we’ve added a copy of the Recent Quizzes view that appears on the My Quizzes page. For our active users, this is important info: it quickly summarizes the completion rates and results of the quizzes you’ve sent most recently.

We’ve also added a brand-new activity feed. The activity feed monitors recent activity (within the last week) pertaining to three aspects of quizzing: quiz creation, quiz sharing, and quiz taking. We hope to add more events in the future. (If you’ve got ideas for one, it’d be a perfect opportunity to try out the new feature request tool!)

Also new is a plan summary that includes key information about your QuizBean organization, including what plan you’re on; how many quizzes, classes, and students you have; and what your plan’s limits are. We heard from some users that this information was difficult to find, so we wanted to make it more accessible.

That’s it! There are some other small tweaks that we made that will not affect the average user, so if there’s something else that looks different to you or, even worse, if something doesn’t seem to work like it use to, please drop us a line using Intercom.

Introducing QuizBank: Made by Teachers Just Like You

With over 3,000 users, there are tons of quizzes on QuizBean. From neurons (which I failed miserably), to history, and geography – you guys have created a quiz about everything.

Until now, those quizzes have been kept in your own QuizBean account. They’ve been a secret from the thousands of other teachers who teach the same subject.

That’s why we adopted the motto we all learned in kindergarten: Sharing is Caring.

Introducing the QuizBank from QuizBean (and no, it’s not full of money)

…’s full of quizzes! Read on:

The QuizBank is rich with quizzes for any subject – math, history, Spanish, French, science, social studies, and plenty more. Here’s a pretty screenshot:

Ready-to-go quizzes made by teachers

Looking for a quiz to add to your arsenal? Try a quiz from the Quiz Bank. It includes quizzes made by teachers just like you.

Let’s do a quick walk-through of the quiz-bank:

1. Share & add your quizzes

Simply go to any of your quiz detail pages and select “Share in the QuizBank”. The link is highlighted in the picture below. Only add the quizzes you want to add. You can always remove them later!

Share your quiz in the QuizBean QuizBank

2. Search the bank to find the perfect quiz

Want to find a history quiz that’s for remembering what happened in 1742 (hmm…)? You can do that with QuizBean’s search feature. And if you find a science teacher in New Mexico who makes great biology quizzes, you’ll be able to find all of their quizzes in one place. Take that, Google!

3. Discover the number of downloads

If you’re sharing your quizzes in the QuizBank, don’t you want to know how many times your quiz has been downloaded? You can within your account dashboard. We’ll tell you how many times it’s been downloaded. Plus, if you might even make it on the most-shared quizzes page, too. That’s like the equivalent to adult gold stars.

How awesome can the QuizBank get?

That’s up to you!We’re always look for more QuizBean champions to add their quizzes to the QuizBank. To kick off the QuizBank, our team will be adding enough Common Core quizzes to sink a ship (Here’s 10 common core quizzes to get you started).

Want to add your quizzes to the QuizBank. Here’s the link to login. Or, if you’re a newbie, we highly suggest you sign up for QuizBean – that link is here. And it’s freeeeee. Like buy one get one free. Except you don’t have to buy one.

Have a good one! 🙂

The QuizBean team

Whoa! New Features: Bulk Upload & Your Super-Awesome Teacher Code

You guys have given us TONS of awesome feedback on QuizBean. Over the past few weeks, we sorted through it and got to work on your most-requested features. Drum roll please……

You get access to your own teacher code AND bulk uploading.

Note: The code in the picture is not your teacher code. That’s my co-worker’s. He’s not shy about sharing.

Why you’ll LOVE teacher codes:

1. Your students sign up which saves you hours of manual entry
They sign-up on their own page and enter your teacher code. Students are automatically added to your classroom. It’s like waiving a magic wand. Kind of.

QuizBean Student Signup

2. You get instant results – even with the code!
Just because your students signed up without you doesn’t mean you won’t see their results. Once they finish your assigned quiz, their scores are instantly sent to your dashboard. Now, that’s actually magic 🙂

Discover your teacher code and upload all your students right here.

And if you don’t want your students to do anything, you can upload them using our bulk upload tool.

Manual data entry is no one’s friend. That’s why we’ve made it significantly easier for you to upload all of your students in just a few clicks using our bulk upload tool.

Bulk upload takes your CSV file and instantly adds your students to QuizBean. Again, it’s like magic. Here’s a quick look-see:

QuizBean Bulk Upload for Students

Want to take advantage of bulk upload? Login to your account or sign up for QuizBean.


Enjoy the new features and let us know if you have feedback or suggestions to make QuizBean way cooler. Thanks!

The team at QuizBean

QuizBean no longer requires a student email address

When our team launched QuizBean to the K-12 crowd a few weeks ago, we received a flood of new sign-ups, tons of feedback from teachers across the country, and super-creative ideas about how to improve QuizBean. We listened to you and started making changes.

Here’s what’s new at QuizBean:


Send Quizzes to Students who don’t have an email address

This is big. You can now send your quiz to any student in your class – no email address required. We simply create a username for them that’s — but it’s not an email address. When students log-in with their @quizbean username, they’ll be presented with the quiz in their dashboard. It’s pretty awesome.

QuizBean accepts accents and characters

You asked for accents and characters to be accepted in text fields. And since QuizBean has users from over 130 countries, we thought that should get fixed asap. We’re happy to announce QuizBean has been updated to accept characters and accents.

Quickly duplicate quizzes for other classes

You may have the perfect quiz for 1st period biology, but maybe not 7th period. Quickly duplicate the quiz, swap some questions, randomize on the send, and you’re good to go. That means you eliminate cheating AND save time without having to build the quiz over again. Wahoo!

There’s more coming! If you haven’t checked QuizBean out in a while, give it a spin. I’d love to hear any feedback – positive or negative – you have.

QuizBean featured on

As an ed-tech startup, we love free press. Today, we got more free press. Emma, one of several incredibly talented writers at chose to feature QuizBean because we have a vision to disrupt education and how teachers assess their students.

The article, which launched this afternoon, also highlights our parent company, Bluehouse Group, who’s team has been building QuizBean for over a year now. It’s press like this that gets us super excited. Excited that we’re making a splash in the edtech community.

Thanks to Emma and the KillerStartups team for writing about us.

Here’s a link to the article:

QuizPoo is now QuizBean (same easy quiz maker)

You don’t get many chances to rename your baby.

But, that’s just what we’ve done to QuizPoo. Starting today, QuizPoo is now QuizBean. But, don’t worry. The only thing changing is the logo. You still get the same great quiz maker you’ve come to know and love – unlimited questions, explanations, and pictures.

Obvious Question #1: Why the name change?

1. We’re no longer just a fun side project

In our first life, we’re a team of guys and gals who build beautiful custom websites for amazing Vermont companies. But, there was a desire to build something fun and flexible. And QuizPoo met the bill. We launched the early version at TechJam in Vermont (a technology jobs fair, basically) to much fan fare. Now, it’s ballooned into something much bigger and people are spreading the word. We just want to make sure they’re spreading the right word.

2. Teachers and trainers don’t really like poo

As we worked to spread the word about QuizPoo, teachers and corporate trainers caught on. And the feedback was unanimous — the name needed to change before many teachers were going to use it in their classrooms. No way, they were taking quizzes about poo (and we don’t blame them). That’s what prompted the name brainstorm.

Obvious Question #2: How did you come up with QuizBean?

1. Weeks of brainstorming

We had all kinds of names spread out across, whiteboards, Basecamp docs, and Google docs. It seemed like every day, our team would throw in new name (QuizPoodle, QuizCopter, and QuizCrafter, just to name a few). After pushing off the decision for several weeks, we just had to make a decision. And we used the next tool to help us out.

2. Random domain name generators

These are just plain fun. You can enter in any word, pair it with a noun, adjective, or verb of various lengths, and out comes a list of available domain names. And yes, we did spend countless hours on chat across the company IMing funny (and available) domain names. Here’s one to try out if domain name generators are your thing.

Obvious Question #3: What does this mean for the future of QuizBean?

1. More features you requested

In a recent survey we sent out, you let us know what you’re looking for in QuizBean – student progress analytics and student management. Oh, and multiple choice. We’re totally on it. In the coming months, we’re building all those features into QuizBean. Get your cone-shaped party hats ready for the launch party.

2. Same great company & product

We’re not going anywhere. Same great team, same great features. Plus, there will always be a free account. Just like a fine scotch, QuizBean will only get better with time.

What do you think of QuizBean? Let us know in the comments below.


Make our Own Multiple Choice Quiz Just Around the Corner

make your own quiz

No, you don’t need your glasses! We’re working on fill-in-the-blank as our next question type!

We hear you guys loud and clear! You want more question types. It’s without further adieu, I let you know on a secret. A secret so secretive, you can only tell 1,000 people. Ok, that’s crazy-talk. Tell everyone! Here it is:

Scott, our incredibly talented programmer, is currently working on not one, but two question types:

1. Multiple Choice

2. Fill-in-the-blank

In just a couple weeks, you won’t be limited to just to answers on your questions. You get as many as you want. Plus, if you want to use fill-in-the-blank questions, that’s possible, too. Look for some true whiz-bang in these question types. We’re moving right along with making these types not only fun to use, but easy for you to make your own quiz.

What else are you looking for? Let us know in the comments below!