Assessing Your Students Just Got Easier: QuizBean Launches New Features

It’s Michael from QuizBean. Things have gotten way too exciting around here. Lots of teachers are signing up and using QuizBean in their classrooms daily. But, I’m here to tell you, QuizBean has gotten a whole lot more awesome.

QuizBean is now your go-to online tool for instant student assessment. You can check it out now or read more about it below.

What’s new with QuizBean:

Save hours of hand grading with InstantScore
Results are automatically send to your dashboard when students complete your quiz. That means you instantly know how your students did and where they may have tripped up.

Easily send quizzes to any of your students
Whether you want to send a quiz to students who stayed after school for extra help or an entire biology class, the choice is yours. Simply make a quiz, assign it to students, and hit send. It’s that easy.

Quickly add students and classes
QuizBean allows you to manage your students and classes from a simple-to-use dashboard. See who has taken each quiz and their score all on one screen.

Ready to discover the new QuizBean?

When you login to QuizBean, you’ll see your account has room for 26 students and unlimited classes. Plus, all the quizzes you’ve created will be there, too.

Take me to my QuizBean account!