8 Reasons Teachers Should Blog

I’ve come across hundreds of teacher’s blogs – from edtech, to teaching kindergarten, becoming an art teacher, curriculum design, and more. Maybe it’s because there are so many of you, but I’m blown away by the sheet number out there. And they all have their own niche!

But, there are still teachers who haven’t joined the technology band-wagon and started blogging.

Now is the time. It’s easier than ever before to get started. Heck, this blog was started in about 15 minutes. And you don’t even need your own website address. You can get something setup at Blogger or WordPress in even less time – and for free.

If I’ve got you interested, read on to discover 10 more reasons you should be putting pen to screen and writing your own blog.

1. You connect with teachers across the globe

One of the most amazing benefits of writing on a consistent basis is the people you meet. From teachers to school administrators, press to principals. You’ll meet a ton of people. And they won’t just be located at the middle school down the road. Teachers are global. Your blog is global. Just through the QuizBean blog, I’ve met teachers from France, Canada, England, Zimbabwe, the Netherlands. etc. Do you want to meet them, too?

2. You build credibility and trust

Think you’re an awesome teacher? That’s for the web to decide! Starting a blog builds credibility and trust. It says you know what you’re talking about. It means other teachers seek you out for knowledge. Start a blog. Take what’s in your head and put into posts. Add pictures and an email sign-up. Then press go. Watch as the world explodes in-front of your eyes.

3. You can be a role model to your students

There’s almost always one aspiring writer in your classroom – and maybe more. By you writing your own blog it may inspire your students to write their own blogs, get creative, and find their own online following. And if they get hooked, blogs are one of the best tools for them to build their personal brands.

4. You get better at writing

No matter how long you’ve been writing, there’s always room for improvement. Writers who have been crafting paragraphs for decades are have their eye on improving. When I started writing, I was horrible. Now, I kind of actually get the hang of it. And internet writing isn’t your run-of-the-mill research paper. It’s fun, light, and personal. This is probably writing you haven’t done in a while – that’s why it’s such a joy!

5. You can write about anything

Passionate about curriculum design? What about teaching new math strategies for 3rd graders? Your blog’s topic is up to you. Someone out there will find it valuable. And you’ll build a following. Oh, you don’t want to write about teaching? Then start a cooking blog. Or a travel blog. Or, just write for he sake of writing.

6. You have something to put on your resume

Hiring managers and principals love to see personal websites. Why? Because it not only shows how you communicate, but it shows your thought process. It puts a human-touch to your resume and gives you a leg-up from the competition.

7. You get your thoughts off your mind…and on paper

As a teacher (or, really any working professional), there’s a ton on your mind. You’re constantly thinking about your students, grading exams, lesson planning, packing lunch (we all know cafeteria food is sub-par). What if you could get those thoughts out of your head? You can with blogging. Pick a word-count, say 500 words, and start typing. There. Is that better? You’ve gotten something off your chest that upset you about the school day. You wrote about how you made a difference in a student’s life. And hey, you don’t even have to publish it. But you should.

8. It’s fun (isn’t that reason enough?)

Who ever thought writing could be fun? Well, if you start a blog, it will be. It’s fun to see your blog posts on the first page of Google. It’s fun to connect with teachers across the world – and even teachers in your own school. Plus, if it ends up not being fun, you can always take a break – you know, like a summer vacation!

Do you have a blog? Let me know why you blog and include a link to your blog, too — I’ll bookmark it!