7 Ways to Fundraise Your End-of-Year School Trip

7 Ways to Fundraise Your School Trip

If money grew on trees, everything would be easier, right? Sadly, it doesn’t. And you need money to go on fun, end-of-year school trips with your students. You know, the trips they look forward to since, like, first grade?

These days, it’s hard to find the money to make trips happen.

Budgets are tighter, parent’s wallets are closing, and you need to come up with the money to fill the gap – or the trip can’t happen.

When I was in school, we had a lot of trips – to big museums in Boston and even across the border to Ottawa and Quebec (those were awesome trips). And we had to fundraise to pay our own way. Plus, my parents had to chip in a little bit.

Fundraising for us was selling candy bars and wrapping paper. I could sell candy bars no problem – but the wrapping paper was another story. Who needs wrapping paper in March? Anyway, that’s what lead to this post:

How can you fundraise without selling cheap stuff?

In doing the research for this blog post, fundraising has come a long way since the days of wrapping paper. Here are 7 ways to come up with the money for your next school trip – and how to get started:

1. Community Dinner

These are big in small towns. For example, in our town, there’s a “Friday Night Food Affair” – it’s where the community comes together to enjoy a meal at the church. But, you could easily make it a fundraiser for your school trip. Get a couple cooks together and make a giant feast. Then, invite all the parents and rest of the community. All of sudden, your class has cash!

2. Silent Auction with Local Businesses

If you have a lot of small businesses in your town, get them to donate products and services to your auction. Then, all the proceeds go towards your trip – and you get to promote local businesses at the same time. Another variation on this is the discount card/book. Get 20-30 businesses together to make a coupon book the community can use to get discounts. Then sell the book for far less than the value inside. For example, a $20 book can have as much as $500 in savings. Oh, and don’t forget one for your family, too!

3. Sell Flowers

It is spring-time and that means flowers are starting to come into bloom (that is of course if it’s still snowing where you live). Find a local florist to cut you a break on buying a lot of flowers, increase the price, and sell your bouquets in the neighborhood door-to-door. Flowers brighten everyone’s day so you should have no problem selling out 🙂

4. A Real Bake Sale

I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love a serious sugar rush? Rock a bake-sale with cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pie, etc. And sell, sell, sell. Although, icing kind of sells itself. Hold your bakesale every Friday for a month and see what happens. Hopefully, you have some aspiring students or parents who want to bake and you’ll get some delicious treats. If you can’t find the bakers, buy-up some baked items from the grocery store and re-sell them (although, it’s waaaay cooler to bake your own stuff from scratch).

5. Dunk Tank With the Principal

While I’m sure everyone loves the principal, it’s payback time! Rent a dunk-tank from a local rental company (hopefully it’s a hot day, too) and get dunking. Have kids pay to try to dunk the principal. Or, you can get involved, too. I’m sure students would love to dunk their 7th grade history teacher. An alternative to the dunk-tank (and cheaper) is a pie-in-the-face fundraiser. All you need is some plates and whipped cream or CoolWhip.

6. Auction off Student Art

I love this idea. As I walked through the local Elementary school recently, there was tons of student art hanging from the walls. While I know it’s totally fridge-worthy for the parents, you could set aside some time for students to make something different to auction off. Of course it encourages the student’s parents to bid as high as possible on their kid’s art, it’s a fun way to recognize the accomplishment of your students and make some cash for you school trip.

7. Kickball Tournament

For many of you, end of the year trips means it’s finally getting warmer out. That means pick a Saturday and host a kickball tournament. It’ll be nostalgic for the parents and fun for the kids, too. Create teams and a bracket, grab some kick balls from the gym, and pitch away. Collect money for each team registered and give some away to the winning team, too. Play ball!

And that’s the list! While 7 is a small number, I was able to find these other resources you may be interested in:

What has your class done in the past that’s worked to raise enough money for your trip? Start the discussion off and let us know in the comments below.

Happy fundraising!