5 Tips to Get Lessons Plans Done Faster

Standing up in-front of a classroom of students with no plan is terrifying. You have no idea who is paying attention (well, you do – just make sure no one is falling asleep :p), you have no structure to the period, and your nervousness can shine through without thinking about it.

That’s where lessons plans come in.

Lessons plans help you run your classroom, inform substitute teachers, and even keep your students focused. But, there’s one problem: they take hours to complete and even if you complete them, they just end up being deviated from.

Fear not, young teacher. QuizBean is here to help. Here’s 5 tips we’ve found to get your lesson plans done faster – regardless of the grade you teach:

1. Start with your outcome

When you start something, it’s often easier to get to the end when you think about what you want  accomplish. Do you want your students to know the importance of Abe Lincoln? What about how to do their multiplication tables or what Avogadro’s number is? Then, work backwards to figure out what your students need to learn to meet your goal. Do they need to watch a movie? Do a couple math problems? Whatever it is, the working-backwards exercise should pay off in spades for your lesson planning.

2. Use multiple learning styles

Lesson plans don’t have to be limited to just visual learners – or just auditory learners. When you incorporate different learning styles, it help you create a more dynamic lesson. And better yet? It helps students learn quickly because they’re able to grasp the concept in a way that makes sense to them. In case you’re wondering, here’s a list of the seven learning styles for a refresher course.

3. Find inspiration online

Isn’t it great when other teachers want to give back? Of course it is! And one of the ways teachers are giving back is their lesson plans. There are tons of online lesson plan resources. From teacher forums to teachers within your school, you can find inspiration everywhere. There are lesson plan templates and ready-to-go lesson plans – take your pick!

4. Use Planboard – a neat little app

If you think teaching one class is tough, try teaching 5 or 6. It can get out of control fast – from student management to curriculum. Planboard (an incredibly cool app), helps teachers organize their classroom, create lesson plan templates, and even attach documents to each lesson so students to follow. Give it a shot.

5. Think outside the box

Use guest speakers, have students teach a lesson (by creating their own lesson plan), or co-teach a lesson with another teacher. For example, if your students are learning about Egypt, work with the art teacher to do a project that teaches students how to make hieroglyphics. Or, partner up with the gym teacher to learn more about staying active when you’re young. These co-teaching opportunities are powerful and work to keep students engaged. Try one with a colleague at your school and let us know what you come up with.

See? Lesson plans aren’t that challenging, right? What do you do to create amazing lessons plans in a short amount of time? Let us know in the comments below.

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