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6 Reasons Why Teachers Should Use Quizbean – Our Fun, Easy-to-Use, Create Your Own Quiz Tool

Quizzes have been a teaching tool since dinosaurs walked the earth… well maybe not that long, but ever since teachers have been educating their students. They have been used throughout our lives: in elementary school, high school, and all the way through students SAT prep courses. Quizzes and pop-quizzes always seem to be so annoying for students in the moment, but they should be viewed as a tremendous learning tool when used the right way.

Consistent and frequent quizzing on a specific subject has been shown to be effective in helping to store information in a person’s long term memory. This “Testing Effect” or quizzing effect, is one of the reasons why it makes sense to include frequent quizzes in one’s teaching curriculum. In addition to using quizzes to help students remember material in the long term, quizzes are a great way to assess a student’s knowledge on a subject before starting to teach about it. Quizzes have their place in the educational landscape and are here to stay. Now it is up to educators to understand and connect with students in a world where education and technology are joined at the hip.

Here are 6 Reasons Why Teachers Should Use Quizbean – Our Fun, Create Your Own Quiz Tool to Improve Teaching and Learning

6 Reasons Why Teachers Should Use Quizbean – Our Fun, Easy-to-Use, Create Your Own Quiz Tool

1. For Efficiency’s Sake

Quizbean has recently partnered with Clever, an awesome application for both teachers and students. This makes life a heck of a lot easier for teachers trying to incorporate educational technology apps into their classroom. Clever has created an application which saves teachers hundreds of hours of administrative set-up time; they created a tool which allows teachers to easily make a quiz (through Quizbean) and automatically send it to all their students with a few clicks. When students complete a quiz sent by their teachers, their results are automatically posted online for the teacher to see. Teachers not only see how students did individually, but they see they bigger picture.

2. Real Time Feedback

When students are taking a Quizbean quiz, Instascore is enabled; students see how they are doing as they take a quiz. Students see which questions they answer correctly, and when they answer incorrectly, teachers have the option to add explanations to inform them about the correct answer. This feature benefits students as they are able to understand what information they have absorbed from their teacher and are able to simultaneously learn when they answer a question incorrectly. Students no longer have to wait a few days for the teacher to go through all the quizzes and correct them by hand. More time for teachers, better feedback for the students; win-win. Instantaneous feedback, Voilà!

3. Results and Analytics for Teachers

Some of the most beneficial features of Quizbean are the reports and analytics generated by the application. After students in a class complete a quiz, reports can easily be generated which show the individual results of each student, and also the collective results of the entire class. It is easy for teachers to see the patterns of which questions students tended to answer correctly, and those which they often got wrong. Since the quizzes give instant feedback, teachers don’t have to spend extra time grading all the quizzes individually. Teachers also can analyze reports to help them draw conclusions about how the students are absorbing the material they are teaching.

4. Accessibility For All

With the world growing more virtual day after day, students have the ability to access technology and online educational resources wherever they are. It is now easier than ever to create a quiz on Quizbean, and send it to your students to do as homework on their own time. Snow day coming? Have the students watch a short video and send an easy quiz to go along with it. The students will still be able to enjoy their snowball fights and sledding, and can do their 10 minutes of work after their day of play. A quick video and quiz on the day off seems like a good alternative to making up that snow day in June!

5. Shareability of Quizzes

Quizbean has an expansive quiz bank with quizzes that span all types of subjects: language, history, math, sciences and much more. Teachers can build upon quizzes they find in the Quizbean quiz bank to create study tools for their students. These quizzes can easily be shared to a teacher’s entire class or shared to a select group of students in their class. Teachers also have the option to share the quiz to anyone else through email or social media. Bottom line, once you find or make a quiz you like, it is easy as pie to share it.

6. Question Randomizer On/Off Toggle

Teachers have the power to turn the question randomizer on and off. This means when one quiz is sent from a teacher to all their students, they can control if ordering of questions will be different for each quiz. This can be highly beneficial to giving online quizzes in the classroom in an effort to dissuade cheating. This can ease your worries about whether little Johnny will try and peak over to see what Mary answered for number 7. Using the randomizer feature adds some mystery to you and the student, and who doesn’t love integrating strategy with learning?

Happy Quizzing everyone! Feel free to reach out to the team if you have any questions or suggestions.