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New Feature – Option to Turn Off Social Sharing (by popular demand!)

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently implemented one of our most-requested new features: the option to turn off (or on) the “social sharing” feature when sending a quiz. If you haven’t noticed this already, the next time you go to send a quiz you’ll see a snazzy new button:

Social Media Sharing Options

Now, we’re a huge fan of sharing quizzes, especially in our Quiz Bank. And we love it when people use social media to share the quizzes they’re able to make on Quizbean. At the same time, as our user base broadens to include a greater variety of users, including corporate trainers and teachers at all levels, we’ve received multiple requests for more choice around social sharing. One request even came in literally during testing of the new feature – it was fun to be able to reply “we’re working on it as I type this!”
We hope you’ll enjoy the increased choice with Quizbean and social media. If there are any other changes we can make to Quizbean that you’d like to see, please let us know!