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How to make your new hire’s first day unforgettable


Do you remember your first day on the job? You were fresh out of college, living with your best friend, eating ramen, and working at your first big-boy job to pay the rent.

But, do you remember your first day on the job?

(I’m sure there are funny stories)

How about when you showed up under-dressed. Or, the fifteen questions you had about how to setup your computer (or your typewriter). Or, finally, the time at lunch your voice cracked when a coworker asked you a question. Good times, good times.

In reality, though, it was lonely. It was awkward. And it wasn’t fun.

Your first day makes or breaks the experience you have for the rest of your career with the company.

Make your employee feel welcome. Here’s 5 ways to make your new hire’s first day unforgettable.

1. Give them a real project

The last thing new employees want on their first day is to feel like they’re just getting the grunt work. Give them a project you need help on – maybe it’s market research, resume scanning, or designing a business card. And tell them why it’s important to you. They’ll feel like they’re making a difference on day one!

2. Take them out to lunch

Sure, new employees almost always bring their lunch to their first day. It’s because it’s one less decision they need to worry about come noon. But, this is also an opportunity for you to make your new team member feel welcome and appreciated. Offer to take them out to lunch. And it’s ok if they say no out of fear. Later in the week works, too. It’s a great way to check-in with them to see how their doing.

3. Introduce them to management

Most new employees just want to make sure they’re getting their bosses work done – and done well. But they also want to see how they can move up and grow from within the company. Introducing them to members of management or a C-level executive is a great in-roads to not only possible mentorship, but it might just be the foot in the door they need to get promoted in 6-12 months.

4. Have all new hires start on the same day

What’s the advantage of having 2 or 3 new guys start on the same date? Well, for one, they are going through the same feelings. “How am I doing?”, “Am I making a good first impression?”, “What if I goof up in-front of my boss?” Having new team members starts on the same day gives the new people someone to talk to – to form their first friendship at the company.

5. Make training exciting and engaging

Reading the employee handbook isn’t training. It’s torture. Have them read it on their own time or during their lunch break if you need to. Get into the training – the learning – to ramp up your new employee for ultimate domination of whatever their job may be. Examples of fun training are group demonstrations (have them do it, with a co-worker watching over them), engaging corporate training quizzes,

Keeping your team motivated to do awesome things for your company starts the second they accept your job offer. Making sure they feel welcome and comfortably adjusted on their first day is key to success.

How have you helped your new employees become part of the team on their first day?

Photo courtesy of Zlatko

How to start a corporate training program for next to nothing

Bringing on new team members is always happening when you have a grow business. You have to bring on sales reps, account managers, marketing help, and maybe even some operations guys to keep everything running smoothly.

And you have to train your staff members, too. Sounds like a ton of work!

When you’re investing thousands of dollars into payroll, there’s not much left to properly train your growing team. Simply put, you make do with that you have and see where the gaps are.

That’s where being resourceful and frugal come in handy.

There are a ton of free resources on the web to get you started. But, as I’ll argue below, your training may not even have to make it to the internet. Your training material might just be sitting in front of you.

Here’s five strategies to jumpstart your training for cheap:

1. Have 1-on-1 meetings (Free)

Training doesn’t have to fall under learning new skills and reading books. It may mean improving emotionally and personally. At the root of personal improvement is the ability to speak with your manager or boss 1-on-1. Why? Because your employees are more likely to let you know what’s truly going on in their head when it’s just you and her – not a group of coworkers.

2. Cross-train other departments (Free)

Have you thought about your marketing employees spending a day in the sales department to see what they do for the day? This helps forge better partnerships and collaboration between areas. Plus, it helps team members learn new skills and explore moving horizontally through your organization.

3. Use the power of collective knowledge (Free)

Your team knows a lot about various subjects. And what they know may not be in-line with your employee training vision, which is fine. But, give team members a chance to show their passions, their love for something other than work, and allow others to learn from them. Whether it’s learning to play the guitar, build a MySQL database, or learning to play cribbage, it’s still training. Not only does it build morale and your company culture, but it’s a unique way to better one’s self.

4. Invest in online training (Free – $100/month+)

You can learn anything on the internet. And it’s inexpensive. When you wanted to learn something, you typically looked for a course at your local library or found a class at your local community college. Problem is, they cost thousands of dollars. Luckily, the internet has solved this problem with online training. You can learn anything from design skills to world history, and how to build a business.

Here are a couple of tools for your learning pleasure:

5. Buy Kindle books (Free – around $20/book)

Monthly book clubs are the “in” thing to do if you want to build a company that loves to learn and improve. Pick a book and have the team gather for lunch to discuss what they gained from the book. Empower your employees to make book suggestions, too. It always feels good to be part of the decision making process.

Just because you wear suits and ties to work doesn’t mean you have to blow thousands of dollars on a corporate training program. There are plenty of free and low-cost ways to bring your team to the next level.

Let’s review the list:

1. Have 1-on-1 meetings

2. Cross-train in other departments

3. Use the power of collective knowledge

4. Invest in online training

5. Buy Kindle books

Now, it’s just a matter of getting started.

As I mentioned in my last post about how to find the perfect employee, you have to start small. Taking on any training initiative is a lot of work – regardless if it costs $100 or $10,000. And you want to make sure you’re going to do it right.

Here are five questions to ask yourself before starting a new training program:

1. What do you hope to gain from the training?

Write down 3 – 5 goals or objectives. Maybe you want to get your team trained on Google AdWords or how to use the new forklift. Whatever it may be, get goals written down on paper and let the team know what you’re looking to accomplish.

2. Who needs/wants training?

Some people don’t like training. And some crave self-improvement. Survey the team to see who wants to participate. But also recommend training and certifications to other team members who you believe it’ll benefit. They’ll be happy to improve their skills. Plus, it builds a better relationship with your team.

3. What resources do I have available?

Check to see what’s available. Do you have any books around the office? Or how about team members willing to teach a class? Survey what you have in-house before you purchase a large training package for your company.

4. What will the training system look like?

It seems many corporations have systems for everything. And training is no exception. Get a plan together. How are new team members on-boarded? What’s the training look like over the first year of employment. How do you build a resource library for veteran employees to explore? Take a couple hours to build your company framework. That way everyone knows where how to access everything.

5. How will I evaluate my company’s training program?

It makes sense to continue training initiatives if they’re working. Plus, it helps if they’re beneficial to your team. But, what does success look like? How will know you if your training program is working? A couple of ways to measure could be team engagement, skills improvement, or employee surveys.

Once you’ve been able to answer these questions, you’ll have a better idea of how to build your program. And remember, what you set up now isn’t a permanent solution. Programs can change with the needs of the company.

Have you trained your employees on a tight budget? Let me know in the comments below.

Make our Own Multiple Choice Quiz Just Around the Corner

make your own quiz

No, you don’t need your glasses! We’re working on fill-in-the-blank as our next question type!

We hear you guys loud and clear! You want more question types. It’s without further adieu, I let you know on a secret. A secret so secretive, you can only tell 1,000 people. Ok, that’s crazy-talk. Tell everyone! Here it is:

Scott, our incredibly talented programmer, is currently working on not one, but two question types:

1. Multiple Choice

2. Fill-in-the-blank

In just a couple weeks, you won’t be limited to just to answers on your questions. You get as many as you want. Plus, if you want to use fill-in-the-blank questions, that’s possible, too. Look for some true whiz-bang in these question types. We’re moving right along with making these types not only fun to use, but easy for you to make your own quiz.

What else are you looking for? Let us know in the comments below!

7 ways to screen employees before the first interview

Have you been struggling to fill open positions at your company? Want to find a better way to get the A-talent joining your team?

Building a talented workforce is top of many recruiter’s to-do lists. A solid team gets work done, strengthens company culture, and improves their skill set.

But finding these individuals is tough.

You have to wade through an endless amount of resumes, field calls from interested candidates, and find time to make offers and negotiate salaries.

How do you make that process more efficient?

By pre-screening candidates. Instead of interviewing everyone who applies, why not do some pre-screening and only bring in the best candidates for the job.

Here’s 7 ways to pre-screen employees:

1. Call them up

The phone is a lot less intimidating than an in-person interview. A quick 2 or 3 minute interview to get an idea of how they answer basic questions and communicate tells you a lot about a potential hire. Here are a couple questions to ask:

These are are all soft-balls. Avoid asking challenging questions. Often, candidates take these calls while they’re running out of the office or driving. Keep it quick and easy. After all, it’s just a screening phone call.

2. Check LinkedIn

Almost every college grad or mid-career worker has a LinkedIn profile (and if they don’t, I wouldn’t invite them in for an interview). A strong online presence is necessary for today’s unemployed because practically everything happens online these day. What should you look for on their LinkedIn profiles? Here’s a couple tips:

LinkedIn provides a wealth of information for recruiting teams. Use it as a reference, but not an all-knowing source of information.

3. Call references

Some HR professionals discount a reference’s opinion (because 99% of the time they’re stellar). I take a different stance. References offer an objective view of the benefit and value they received from their former employee or coworker. It’s likely they’ll be able to provide the same value for your company. Here are a couple questions to get the most out of references:

And no, there’s nothing wrong with calling references prior to the interview. It just means you could hire the candidate on the spot if you wanted to.

4. View their personal blog

Oh, they don’t have a blog? I can understand if you’re trying to hire a material scientist or custodial engineer, but if your job is full of work on the web, I would expect an established web presence. Here’s a couple things a personal blog tells you about the candidate:

Blogs are one of my favorite ways to see what makes candidates tick. They may be applying for a job in product management, but write a blog about their travel adventures. You learn a lot about people by looking at their writing.

5. Read their cover letter (hopefully there is one!)

I can’t believe the number of people who skip over the cover letter. The candidate wrote it for a reason. It explains why you should hire them. A resume doesn’t do that. Take time to read the cover letter. Here’s what it tells you:

6. Compare them to your job listing

There had to be an obvious one in this list, right? Do side-by-side comparison of your job candidates and the listing. Do they match up. While it may not be perfect, here’s a three things to keep in mind when you’re comparing:

Whatever you end up doing, decided on your hiring strategy for this position early. Is an 80% going to cut it for an interview or are you looking for the candidate to meet all of your requirements. This makes a difference on who you’re going to bring in.

7. Give them a test or project

Back in college, I applied for an art internship with a popular brewery. I was a marketing major with zero art experience. But I understood the importance of a consistent brand. While I did have some self-taught Photoshop skills, the Art Director wanted to see how I put those skills to work. She sent me a test to turn an ugly beer distributor poster into a poster that better represented the brewery. And I passed with flying colors.

Finding a test to send to potential hires is a fantastic way to separate the experienced candidates from the rest of the pack. Stuck with what to do? Here are a couple of ideas:

The hunt for the best employee takes time. That’s why pre-screening is so important. Rather than waste your hiring team’s time on unfit candidates, do work beforehand to bring in the A-players.

How to know your team read your employee handbook

Stack of employee handbooks

Reading the employee handbook is crucial for every team member. It’s where an employee learns about job rules, responsibilities, and benefits. For the employer, it functions

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Sure, maybe the first time employees read through it, they recognize and appreciate some of the company policies and us online pharmacy tramadol agreements. But, is reading the employee handbook really something fun to do? No. Quite boring, in fact. And after months and years on the job, will employees remember what they read? Probably not.

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How can

rx pharmacy – try viagra free

you tell whether your team has read “The Handbook”? After all, the heart of successful corporate training lies

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What’s a good way to maintain comprehension?

Quizzes! Simple tools like online quizzes offer a fun and interactive way to test knowledge by engaging people – especially employees eager for a short break from the desk.

Quizzes are useful throughout all levels of corporate training:

1. For new hires. Test employees on their understanding of company policies and rules after they read “The Handbook” for the first time. Let’s hope they pass with flying colors!

2. For long-time employees. Use quizzes to keep current employees in tune with job duties and procedures. Brief but consistent tune-ups are beneficial, allowing knowledge and ideas to seep

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into short- and long-term memory.

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3. For project teams. Quizzes need not be for individuals only. Encourage teams to work on them together, stimulating collaboration and alcohol en viagra team spirit. Learning new policies and procedures due to changing times is quick and easy in these sorts of environments.

Of course, corporate quizzes take a variety of forms – they’re not

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is blow to it bag runs back other in other difference design. These 30 product. Although wish.

just for testing employees on handbook knowledge. Here’s a short where can you buy viagra list of ways quizzes might be incorporated into team settings:

1. Addressing online viagra problems in critical ways.

Why is the question posed in this way? What does this tell us about the problem itself?

2. Comparing and contrasting ideas within a group.

What are the pros and cons for this option as a what works like viagra solution? Is it better than that one? Why?

3. Prompting discussions through healthy competition.

As more people complete quizzes, discuss ways to improve them. What needs changing? Why? Notice any striking changes and don’t be afraid to adopt new ideas into your team’s project.

Don’t know what to wholesale pharmacy online do? Learn about 5 ways to mexican pharmacy make a quiz your employees want to take.

There number of methods to keep a work environment fun and flexible is abundant – quizzes are just one tool to achieve this. But �������� sildenafil one thing is clear: it is crucial to check in with your employees from time to time. Keep your employees happy, and they’ll return the favor. Maintaining an open and knowledgeable group of workers is, fundamentally, a team effort!

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Need a place to start? Check out QuizPoo, an engaging online my canadian pharmacy program designed to meet your training needs. Give it a try!

How To Succeed Without Ever Trying

Bob Slydell: You see, what we’re actually trying to do here is, we’re trying to get a feel for how people spend their day at work… so, if you would, would you walk us through a typical day, for you?

Peter Gibbons: Yeah.

Bob Slydell: Great.

Peter Gibbons: well, I generally come in at least fifteen minutes late, ah, I use the side door – that way Lumbergh can’t see me, heh heh – and, uh, after that I just sorta space out for about an hour.

Bob Porter: Da-uh? Space out?

Peter Gibbons: Yeah, I just stare at my desk; but it looks like I’m working. I do that for probably another hour after lunch, too. I’d say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work.

Does this iconic exchange from the movie Office Space sound familiar? Are you thinking, “this sounds like me,” or even worse, “this sounds like my staff!”

Many employers are disappointed with their employee’s lack of knowledge – regardless of experience.

The reason lies in corporate training.

Employers pile on large amounts of information for each employee. And then they don’t follow up with their staff about the new content. This may be a consequence of employers not spending enough money to effectively train their staff. And it’s hurting their bottom lines.

4 Reasons Corporate Training is Failing

1.Employers aren’t following up

Many new employees go through an introductory training course when they’re hired. This usually involves a 1 to 7 day downpour of information. Employees are then expected to remember everything – with no refresher.

Why this isn’t working:

Managers are not following up.

After a week long training, employees are confident they know company policies. But, a year later? They’re lucky if they recall half of the information.

The solution is to consistently check in with employees. Follow up with them during training as well as throughout their time with the company to ensure that they are trained to their fullest potential.

2. Every college graduate knows business etiquette

One of the biggest mistakes employers make is hiring college graduates and expecting them to have business knowledge. They may be educated, but real-world experience is near zero.

Why this isn’t working:

Employers believe colleges train students to work in the real world. In reality, they only further their education.

Because of this mindset, employers hire college graduates expecting them to succeed with no training. But, employers get confused when new hires don’t meet expectations. Employers need to realize college educates, they train.

3. Relying on technology

To save money and “better train” their employees, a lot of companies have turned to apps and game simulations to engage their teams.

Why this isn’t working:

While playing games has proven to be more affective in memory retention, companies are not following up. Great ways to follow up are periodic quizzes and simulations throughout the training session and beyond.

4. Fear of loyalty

Companies don’t want to waste money on corporate training because they don’t want other firms stealing their top talent.

After all, employers don’t want to spend money on training, only to lose employees to another company. That means having to reinvest in a new hire.

Why this isn’t working:

Because companies are cheap. They’re not investing in training. This ultimately hurts the company – and the employees. Why? Because poor training leads to poor performance.

How to fix corporate training

Make it useful. Making it something employees refer to throughout their tenure. And follow up with your team to make sure they’ve still got the knowledge to succeed.

See if your employees know company policies. Test their knowledge by creating a free quiz at

Have your employees met each other?

Does your company have a host of unique and eclectic individuals? How well do

A buying viagra in canada is it legal Long is using a canadian pharmacy legal At generic viagra Time genericcialis-onlineed This cialis 5 mg.

they truly know each other, though? Not just professionally, but personally too. It’s time to let your genericviagra-bestrxonline employees and their personalities shine!

But how can you make this happen? After all, there’s only 8 or 9 hours in the workday. And, as a business, your company is actively striving buy hcg online pharmacy to boost profit and increase efficiency. So why should you set aside time for employees to get to know each other?

Friendly viagra pharmacy employees work better together! Creativity, cooperation, and collaboration all stem from well-established

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relationships among cialis cvs colleagues.

Establishing a fun, open work environment is much easier than you may think. Small, simple steps can be taken to build best cialis online sites rapport among company workers.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Each lunches together

We all need food. We all eat. Hopefully we all eat lunch. Why not spend this common time together? Encourage your employees to make the most of their lunch break by leaving their desks. Provide a communal space for lunch. Maybe even organize potluck lunches once a week. Anything to provide a healthy break in the day for employees to step away from their daily stresses and into irbesartan y sildenafil a fun-filled, stress-free place. This free time boosts communication and strengthens camaraderie.

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2. Celebrate those special days

Whether it’s someone’s 30th birthday or Valentine’s Day, find some time to celebrate together. Relish the joys of holidays as a community. Eat cake. Laugh. Have fun. These few moments spent together help strengthen bonds and allow everyone to rest, relax, and refuel. As the wise Dalai Lama once said, “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” So make sure you and your employees are fulfilling your purpose: be happy.

3. Plan company retreats and outings

It is important to get out of the office from time to time. Why not use this as an excuse to work on team building and company spirit? Company retreats and outings allow colleagues to get to know each other personally, free of office distractions. Whether it’s a weekend backpacking or a few days at a resort, retreats are healthy for coworkers to unwind and have fun, so they come back to the office refreshed and reinvigorated, ready to tackle any obstacle put

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4. Volunteer together

Who doesn’t like to give back to the community? Volunteering is a great opportunity to accomplish many business goals: helping others and improving company image, all while strengthening bonds among colleaguesBateau pneumatique en caoutchouc. Participate in a “Run for a Cause.” Volunteer at a Special Olympics event. Spend a day working on a Habitat for Humanity project. The possibilities of fun volunteer opportunities are, quite literally, endless.

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As you can see, the core of employee bonding rests in the work climate. As a corporate leader, there are a few simple things you can do to foster a creative, collaborative community.

Keep these few ideas in mind:

1. Get to know your employees

Learn about their price of cialis cvs backgrounds, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Personal relationships are immensely valuable and gratifying. Trust and openness are key to business success.

2. Give feedback

Employees always want to learn and improve. Help them succeed as individuals by fostering a mentoring relationship with them as well. Feedback is a welcome sight, especially once you have established a personal connection with your employees.

3. Be accessible – have an Open Door Policy

Open and fluid communication is essential for a growing business. Provide the necessary avenues for your employees to come to you with ideas, questions,

u save it pharmacy

and concerns. The ability to receive constructive feedback is fundamentally important for a business seeking to grow and improve.

There is no single way to achieve an open work culture full of innovation and inspiration. But one thing is clear: it’s all about the people. So make cialis vs cialis soft sure employees are happy and healthy! Let them get to know each other.

Need more ideas for fun things to do? Check out QuizPoo, an engaging online application designed to meet all of your quizzing needs. If it’s fun you’re looking for, you can set up a laugh-inducing quiz

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Six Ways to Use Online Quizzes in Your Classroom

Are you tired of looking at your student’s slumped over their desks waiting for the period to end? Have you been looking for a way to keep your students motivated to participate in class?

As a teacher, getting your students excited for test time can be a drag. They don’t know what to study or how much of the material will be covered. Plus, it’s a lot of organization just to get things up and running.

Online quiz makers are perfect for this.

Quizzes are one of the best ways to test student’s mastery of specific material without letting them feel overwhelmed about a full test or exam. In addition to better mastery, online quizzes further support adoption of technology in the classroom.

Take advantage of online learning opportunities.

With today’s interconnected world, students are already familiar with the web. They use smartphones, tablets, and computers to interact with friends and family, learn about the world around them, and discover new and interesting things.

So, how do you incorporate online quizzes into your classroom? While there are tons of options, here are five of my favorite applications:

1. History Lessons

What happened in 1956 vs. 1978? That’s where online quizzes come in. For your history students, quiz them on what happened in certain time periods, famous quotes or even town history.

2. Chapter Recap

Are your students having trouble giving you summaries of what happened in the last chapter? Use online quizzes to help them remember events, characters and plot lines. This way, when they read the rest of the book, they’ll have better memory of what’s already happened.

3. Chemistry Class

Chemistry was always tough for me in grade school. Having a quiz to know the difference between electrons, protons and neutrons would have helped. Or better yet, how about a quiz on ionic bonds vs. covalent bonds or even lab safety protocols before new experiments?

4. Foreign Language

Think online quizzes can only be in English? Nope. They’re perfect for learning a foreign language. Create quizzes on different types of product at the market, how to navigate a city, or French vs. Spanish. The repetition helps your students memorize new words and apply what they’re learning in a real-life conversation.

5. Quotes by Writers, Speakers, and Activists

Almost everyone loves inspiring quotes. Here are a couple examples of how to incorpotate quotes into online quizzes: Quotes from a famous speech like Martin Luther King, Jr., quote comparisons from Emerson and Thoreau, or for fun, quotes from comedians or favorite role models.

6. Class Project Participation

The most exciting application for online quizzes is encouraging class participation. Get students who are normally quiet to interact with a fun and engaging online quiz. Or, if you’ve got group projects coming up, make an online quiz part of the rubric.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to use online tools in the classroom. Online quizzes are just one way to get started integrating technology into your lesson plans.

How have online tools influenced the way you teach?

Picture credits from Phil Roeder

What do you mean, “21st century learning”?

As summer winds to a close,

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Maybe you’ve managed

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to read a few articles on new trends education in between those guilty pleasure novels you wait all year to read. If so, you’ve likely come across the phrase “21st century learning,” right? It probably got you wondering, “Am I teaching my kids these skills? Am I orlistat online pharmacy still stuck in the 20th century?” This new catchphrase in modern pedagogy is in its infancy, though its significance is growing rapidly.

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Don’t fret, there’s still time to learn all about it. Now is the time to take notice and learn all about the educational revolution that’s underway.

New trends in modern education

Phrases like “21st century skills,” “21st century learning,” and “21st century thinking” are being thrown around by education bloggers these days. But, as with any word or

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After spending some time reading on the subject, I have begun to create my own list of ideas. But again, these are my own opinions – feel free to draw your own conclusions. Here are a few of my own that I’m happy to share with you:

“21st century learning”: Features and Objectives

We are in the digital age. Classrooms are evolving accordingly. The EdTech industry is booming, flooding academic institutions with newfound educational materials and tools. Kids are growing online pharmacy review up with technology; integration helps motivate and engage them.

With the abundance of technology and materials available for teachers, students now seek education that keeps them actively engaged. The days of plain old lectures, boring textbook reading, and unfulfilling regurgitation are drawing to an end. Instead, learning is now becoming an engaged, cialis online pharmacy purposeful process.

Nowadays, technology resources are everywhere. Students must learn about how to act responsibly online. With information sent into the “cyber abyss” at the click of a button, proper digital citizenship is of fundamental importance. And as our world digitizes more and more,

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a concrete digital literacy becomes crucial to each and every student.

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In addition to the vast amounts of information stored online, the web offers a unique arena where creativity, collaboration, and curiosity can run wild. With special thanks to technological innovations, we cheap viagra online are all contributors to, and learners in, our digital world. Now, ideas are shared publicly and reach all corners of the world, instantly. Naturally, with this great power, yes, comes great responsibility. Teachers must recognize the power of technology, learn about its value, and educate students on its benefits and consequences.

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The amount of information online is seemingly infinite. As an educator, it becomes vital to teach students how to think critically about information they come across online, evaluable its significance, and synthesize it into something easily understood and accessible. Leadership skills emerge from these communication abilities.

Again, generic viagra cialis canada these are my own personal beliefs and findings. The important idea to

Had cialis daily does not work MAC buy cialis from europe In buy generic viagra online And can you chew viagra The canadian drug pharmacy.

understand is that the term “21st century learning” attempts to describe just that: education in the 21st century. It’s a broad term with endless possible definitions.

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The importance

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of “21st century learning” will continue to grow.

As a teacher, be open to new pedagogical ideas. Learn about them. Do your research. And get what causes cialis not to work excited about the prospects of education in the 21st century!

Have your own opinions? Share them with us in the comments!

And if you’re looking to spend a few minutes engaging with a cialis online fun EdTech tool, check out QuizPoo, a free online quiz maker to help teachers instantly assess their students.

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25 Quick & Easy Quiz Ideas to Use Right Now

America’s classroom has become a hotbed of technology. From netbook and iPad pilot programs to online classrooms, the web is changing the way teacher’s communicate with their students.

This means you’ve got to embrace the tech wave and discover new ways to get students using the internet as early as possible.

One of the best ways to do that is through online quizzes. You get to assess student learning and subject comprehension. Your students get to know their score faster than you could grade papers in a weekend and discover new material in the process. It’s a win-win.

So how do you make an online quiz that’s not going to put your students to sleep? Here are 25 ideas to get you started, no matter what subject you teach:


1. Character Quotes

2. Fill-in-the-Blank Grammar

3. True/False Chapter Recap

4. Adjective or Adverb

5. Types of Sentences


6. Melting Points of Different Solutions

7. Fun Facts About Elements

8. Characteristics of Rock Types

9. Different Brain Functions

10. Planet Characteristics


11. Quotes from Historic Leaders

12. Compare Time Periods

13. True False About Specific Events

14. Local Events and History

15. Comparing Two Wars

Geography/Social Studies

16. Compare Two Countries

17. Fun Facts About Rivers

18. Countries on Certain Continents


19. Prime Numbers

20. Two Numbers – Different Equations


22. Famous Quotes from Entrepreneurs

23. Company Names – True or False?

24. Characteristics of Company Formations

25. Did this Really Happen? True/False in Business

Online quizzes are an effective way to get your students engaged in any subject. What class do you teach? Have you used quizzes in your classroom?