17 Ways to Not Make Friends With Your Principal [GIF]

The Principal runs the show (even though it could be argued the front office runs the show). Anyway, you’ve got to get on his/her good side. Otherwise, you might get the ax. And you don’t want to get the ax, do you?

It takes a delicate soul to get on the good side of the principal. After, they’re dealing with all kinds of craziness from 6am – 4pm when they (maybe) get to go home to their family.

So, how do you make friends with your principal?

Well, it’s more about what NOT to do. Scroll through the list below for a good laugh. And if you love it, feel free to share it with your teacher friends (just not your principal :p)

How to NOT make friends with your principal:

1. Never leave a project incomplete

2. Don’t throw paper all over the office

3. Don’t talk on your cell phone IN a meeting

4. Watch what you say and where you say it. Pizza places are notorious for principal’s.

5. Stop being confident

6. Don’t go all face-desk on them, either.

7. Make sure your lesson plan isn’t “school-friendly”

8. Call every student’s parents

9. Get caught not grading papers

10. Your principal should not have to say this to you

11. Never volunteer for anything

12. Like coaching sports

13. Or getting your students to sell wrapping paper and chocolate for a field trip

But the chocolate part would be fun…

14. Not being a big fan of your co-workers

15. Complain about your salary

Even though it really isn’t high enough. Seriously.

16. Have a ridiculous melt-down in the hallway

17. Leave students outside in the winter during recess

Are we spot on or what?