12 Reasons Your Students LOVE Recess (the last reason is the best)

Ok – spill it. Recess was the greatest part of grade school. Come on, we both know it. You got to play outside with your friends and not worry about that history quiz next period. Oh, and here’s 12 more reasons reasons is just plain awesome.

1. It doesn’t have to be spent inside

2. When you first get outside, it’s magical.

3. Gossip by the tire swing. For reallz.

4. Talking about what happened at the boy’s game last night.

5. And they force their friends not to cram last minute.

6. Oh, did I mention the see-saw. Yesss.

7. And they love those private conversations with their best friend (finally)

8. And the merry-go-round.

9. And hopscotch (well, not this kind)

10. The snow ball fights. Minus the ice balls.

11. Just to remind you, indoor recess is not fun (see #1)

12. And then you realize you have 2.5 months of recess. Um. Yes, please.

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