10 Ways to Discover the Teaching Job You’ve Always Wanted

Teaching is one of America’s most prized careers. After all, teachers shape our nation’s youth. They prepare students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the real-world. And they’re darn good at it.

Have you studied to become a teacher?

Thousands of young people have made it their life’s passion to teach. Whether it’s music, social studies, pottery, or wood shop, teachers are in short supply. If you’ve studied to become a teacher and sat for your teaching license, congrats. It’s not an easy feat.

But once you’ve graduated and passed your boards, you’ve got the ever-challenging job hunt ahead of you. And for most young teachers, it’s hard to find a teaching job, in your subject, in your area. Basically, a veteran teacher has to retire for a spot to open up.

How do you find the teaching job you’ve always wanted?

The internet. Yes, while full of cats and really funny GIFs, there are useful websites out there. And here are 10 of them to help you find a teaching job before you have to move back in with your parents:

1. SchoolSpring

In over 30 states, international, and online, SchoolSpring is definitely a go-to source to find your first – or next – teaching job. The site is easy to navigate and comes with several drop-down selections to narrow your search. Plus, you can opt-in to get email alerts when new jobs you’re looking for get posted.

2. The US Department of Education

If it’s anyone whose looking for amazing teachers to fill America’s classrooms, it’s the US government. Packed with resources to find jobs in charter schools, colleges, and even libraries, it’s a wealth of information to help you land a great job in education.

3. Education America

Filled with domestic and overseas teaching jobs, Education America is a great site to quickly find the teaching job you’re looking for. There’s a prominent search on the homepage as well as latest jobs posted. And, there’s even a regional search just in case you don’t want to move too far away!

4. Indeed.com

Known for finding a job in any category, anywhere, Indeed can be used to find teaching jobs across the country or in a specific location. What’s great about it is it searches tons of other career websites for teaching jobs to give you all the results in one place. You can also get new jobs by email, too.

5. Teach.org

This sleek modern-looking site lays out jobs nicely. They’re easy to find, read, and apply to. Another benefit if  you’re looking out-of-state is Teach.org has licensing and certification information for any state right in their sidebar. How about that? All the info you need in one place!

6. Jobs4Teachers.com

As the site says, Jobs4Teachers.com finds you jobs. And they have a list that out-numbers this one! With great resources like state-specific teaching sites, Jobs4Teachers says it best: “Your complete source for all information that will help you find a job as a professional educator and teacher”.

7. GetEductaed.com

This site helps you find adjunct online teaching opportunities. While specific, it’s a way to teach without having to physically be in a classroom. Adjunct teaching, while mainly done in higher-ed is perfect for people who are looking at teaching as a new career, a second job, or they just want to experience college dining one more time (ok, I’m kidding :p)

8. GoOverseas.com

Easily the best resource to find teaching overseas, GoOverseas lays out jobs in a nice visual format. They also allow you to apply to teaching jobs directly on their website. A quick glance led to finding jobs in Vietnam, China, and even Colombia. What a fun way to explore the world and make a difference at the same time.

9. ESLJobFind.com

English as a Second Language is wildly popular. I’ve not only had many friends participate in programs across the globe, but they’ve become a changed person because of it. ESLJobFind shows you a map on their homepage. You get to choose which area you want to teach in. There are country guides, other teacher’s experiences, and more. It’s worth a look if you’re up for some globe-trotting.

10. Your personal network

Don’t rule out who you know. Your parents, friends, and family may be able to get you an interview in a local school system. The best part is you’ll come with a glowing recommendation. No pressure 🙂

See? There are tons of ways to land the teaching job of your dreams. Now go browse a couple of the websites for jobs. But remember — be flexible. The job you’re looking for may be a few towns over or even out-of-state. Embrace a new experience!

What about you? Where did you find your teaching job? Let us know in the comments below.