10 of the Worst School Cafeteria Lunches

Frozen peas. Nasty chicken. White bread.

School lunches have come a far way in recent years. There’s tons of support for local farmers, no-preservative foods, and even incorporation of home-cooked recipes.

But there are still cafeteria lunches that should simply not be ingested. We scoured the internet to find 15 of the worst. And beware: you may not want to eat lunch after this šŸ™‚

1. They call this “chicken”

2. Where are the green veggies?

3. Love the fishwich

4. This needs no words

5. F for French Fries or F for Fail?

6. At least there’s sprinkles

7. These look familiar?

8. I know….it’s depressing

9. What is wrong with that banana?

10. Oh, look! Nachos for lunch!


Are you finished? Seriously – those are some nasty school lunches. I kind of can’t believe that’s being served somewhere. What do you guys have for lunch at school? Do you ever get hot lunch or are you a lunchbox kid? Let me know in the comments below!