10 of the Best Thanksgiving Resources for Teachers

Thanksgiving Resources for Teachers

One of the big movements on social media this month is the November Thankfulness Campaign. It’s when you write something you’re thankful for each day of the month (It’s also no-shave November, but that’s a story for another blog post!).

The thankfulness campaign got me thinking about Thanksgiving this morning. The food, family, and the meaning of the holiday. That prompted a quick Google search to see what was on the web to help you incorporate Thanksgiving into your curriculum. Turns out, there’s a few resources out there you should know about:

1. Scholastic’s Guide to the First Thanksgiving

Want to know literally anything about Turkey Day? This is your website. It’s got everything you could ever imagine – from history to worksheets categorized by grade. They’ve done a great job.

2. Thanksgiving Story Worksheet

What I like about this worksheet is it’s interactive. Your students read about the story of Thanksgiving and are asked questions as they progress like “What do you think the pilgrims brought with them?”. I like that it can either be done as a solo activity or a group discussion.

3. Thanksgiving Color Pages (You’ve got to color, right?)

So, this is a little bit of stretch. Coloring was always therapeutic for me in school. so I figured it might be a relaxing activity for your kids. This page has a couple print-outs for you to use. And make sure your students color inside the lines. :p

4. History of Thanksgiving from the History Channel

Video is an amazing tool for the classroom. It keeps students engaged and is a nice break from reading or using a whiteboard. This History of Thanksgiving video gives you a great overview – and it’s not dry (like some things on the History Channel).

5. Map Your Recipe

I thought this resource was unique. Enter in any recipe – let’s say pumpkin pie – and it’ll tell you where all of those ingredients originated. While Home Economics isn’t really a class anymore, this could be fun for high school students interested in cooking and the migration of ingredients throughout the world.

6. MayflowerHistory.com

With a brand-new revamped website, this guy has everything you’d want to know about the Mayflower – from a passenger list to genealogy. It’s neat to browse through everything, so head on over and take a look.

7. Thanksgiving Vocabulary

You’ve got to know the words of Thanksgiving! Here’s a list to get your students started so they’ll sound so well versed at the dinner table. Your students will blow their Grandparent’s minds when they start talking about gizzards and libations.

8. Hand-Turkey Templates

Who doesn’t love a hand-turkey? These are awesome and every student needs to make one at least once. Make this year, the year of the hand-turkey. Color and black & white templates are available here.

9. Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

Cooking is a lesson, too – and it helps bring families together (which is what Turkey Day is all about). Send your students home with recipes to make with their parents the morning of the big feast.

10. Visual History of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

And the parade. Oh, the parade. It’s a Thanksgiving tradition. And it turns out there’s a ton of history behind it. The great part about this site is it’s a visual slideshow. Interaction for the win! Enjoy the visual history behind one of America’s largest parades!

What Thanksgiving resources have you found that help teach the meaning of Thanksgiving to your students? List them below in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.